About us

About us

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University spinoff

Signal Analysis Lab started as a spin-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) with award funding from the Norwegian Research Council achieved with support from professors at the university.

Safety and condition monitoring

Our portfolio spans multiple safety and condition monitoring services, such as airborne dust monitoring solutions, data analytics platforms, and software for condition monitoring used commercially in offshore and shipping applications.

Key personnel

Geir Kulia


Founder SAL. M.Sc. in Electronics, NTNU, background in signal processing and software development

Trude Marit Risnes

Chair of the board

With 16 years of extensive top-level executive experience spanning across diverse industries, she has honed her expertise in strategy formulation, strategic implementation, and business development.

Lars Førland Havstad


M.Sc. in Electronics, NTNU, background in signal processing, software development and hardware development. Specialised in vibration analysis of rotating machinery.

Tommy Nordbøe


An MBA and financial analyst with over 20 years of experience in leadership, financial management, finance, strategy, business development, and board work across various industries.

Magne Dåstøl

Business developer

Background in metallurgy and over 40 years of R&D experience at Elkem. Pioneer in the commercial application of microsilica.

Jon Tingvold

Senior software engineer

Background in computer technology from NTNU. Specialised in technical analysis, general engineering and systems architecture.

Øystein Midttun

Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher

PhD in particle physics, CERN/UiO. Associate professor, UiA.

Strategically located

Signal Analysis Lab main office is located in Sørlandet Technology Park, the innovation hub of Agder. Our closest neighbours are our partner University of Agder and Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

As a growing centre of competence, the Technology Park is important to business and industry both in and outside of Agder. The latest addition to the park is Morrow, who have chosen the park as the location of their headquarters.

Signal Analysis Lab uses the Technology Park as a base for collaborations with businesses and universities, both nationally and internationally. Among the collaborators who continually help us improve our services are UiA, UiS, UiB and NTNU.

Read more about Sørlandet Technology Park.




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